ROSA Awards

Zoë Gilbert Merit Award

The establishment of this award in memory of Zoë Gilbert was proposed by Professor Ziady and agreed upon by all Council members at the 13th Council Meeting of ROSA on 12 March 1988. It was decided it should be given to a person who has done exceptional work for the Rose Society of South Africa. At the Council Meeting on 17 March 1991 it was further agreed this award would only be presented to a member who had contributed to and promoted the growing and love of roses.

This award has been presented to:

1988 Ludwig Taschner
1994 Duncan Henderson
1996 Esther Geldenhuys
1998 Dick Lindner
2004 Des Wright
2005 Gwen Fagan
2008 Sheenagh Harris
2010 Alan Tew
2012 Bill Horwood
2014 Barbara Long
2016 Jackie Kalley
2018 Gail Birss


President’s Trophy

The President’s Trophy is to be given entirely at the President’s discretion to whom the President considers worthy of it. The member receiving the award will have done a great deal to promote roses and will have been a member of a society for a number of years.

The following persons have received the award:

1994 Basil Webb
1996 Arthur Tintiger
1998 Duncan Henderson
2004 Lynn Kepler & Chris Dams
2006 Des Wright
2009 Sheenagh Harris
2012 Alan Tew
2014 Prof Sid Cywes
2016 Ludwig Taschner
2018 Sheenagh Harris