Photo: Lizette jonker

The Federation of Rose Societies of South Africa is the umbrella body for affiliated Rose Societies (in the Republic of South Africa).  At its inception in 1980, the stated purpose of the Federation was “promote rose growing nationwide as well as finalise judging standards and train accredited rose judges”. In order to achieve these objectives, ROSA

  • Distributes the ROSA Newsletter twice a year and publishes the ROSA Annual.
  • Holds a National Convention every two years that is organised by a member society(s) on a rotational basis
  • Provides training material and opportunities for prospective Rose Show judges
  • Maintains a social media presence
  • Provides entrèe to the World Federation of Rose Societies with its activities, events and publications.


Each member Society nominates a representative (usually the Chairman) to participate in the management body or Council.  An AGM is usually held in October and paid up members of affiliated Societies are invited to attend.  Affiliated Societies pay an annual levy to cover the running expenses of the Federation.

We currently have 5 regionally based affiliated Societies and one national society. Find the society closest to you http://rosesociety.sa/societies/