The Federation of Rose Societies of South Africa does not have individual members, only rose societies.

It is managed by a council consisting of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary elected by council, plus council members who are nominated to represent the regional societies.

The member societies are obliged to purchase the literature published by the Federation for distribution to all members. This comprises a ROSA Newsletter twice a year and the ROSA Annual.

The member societies pay an annual levy per paid up member to the Federation.

A National Rose Convention is held every second year and is organised by one or more regional societies on a rotational basis.

It is a function of ROSA to promote rose growing nationwide as well as finalise judging standards and train accredited rose judges.

The Council holds meetings twice annually and due to the vast distances in South Africa and for practical purposes these are telephonic meetings except every second year when the AGM is held in conjunction with the biennial National Convention.

In 1980 there were three societies and a total membership of 800. This soon grew to 15 member societies with a total of 4500 members. Unfortunately, in recent years membership has shrunk for most of the societies and there are now only seven societies with a total membership of just over 500.

The Heritage Rose Society of South Africa with a national membership has become a member society of the Federation.